Insurance Division

We are the only insurance business 
section within the Nipro Group

  • We offer the optimal risk management solution for each Group company
  • We work to maximize Group profit by offering optimal benefits with low insurance premiums
  • We provide easy-to-use, high-quality insurance services for all Group employees and their families
  • We promote safety awareness and emergency preparedness among all Group companies
  • We provide prompt response and appropriate follow-up in the event of a potential insurance claim

By Osamu Fujii, Manager of Insurance Division.

This service is currently available only 
within Japan and is limited to Nipro Group 
employees and their families resident in 

This service is currently available only within Japan and is limited to Nipro Group employees and their
families resident in Japan.

Insurance providers
General insurance companies
Life insurance companies

We help each customer to
select the insurance product
that is right for them.
Feel free to contact us
for a consultation on a no-obligation basis.

To insurance staff at Nipro overseas business bases

The Nipro Group is committed to appropriate and effective provision of insurance
(mainly non-life-insurance) at its main overseas plants and sales companies.
To provide the best service, we work at our main overseas bases through a team consisting
of risk management officers at foreign offices and plants ,global brokers, and NIT.
Management risk is unmistakably on the increase. Moreover, with risks from sources such as the current global-scale climate change, cyber-attacks, and infectious diseases including COVID-19, we now appear to be facing numerous factors that can no longer be adequately managed on a local basis alone. As the nerve center of the Nipro Group’s insurance functions, NIT fulfills the role of providing guidance and oversight to ensure appropriate insurance operations at overseas subsidiaries. In addition, Nipro Group stakeholders must be provided with updates based on constantly reviewed data.
We will continue to maintain close contact with all business bases and ask for your kind cooperation with our efforts.